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  • Top 5 Reasons Home Generators are Worth the Money

    How long could you live in your home without electricity? Whether it’s because of high winds, thunderstorms, falling trees, or another random reason, power outages are a major inconvenience! A home generator is the perfect option for those unexpected situations. We can all make do without power for a short…

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    April 13, 2021

  • 3 Home Generator Maintenance Tips

    Are you confident your home generator is ready to go to work if you happen to lose power? If not, you and your family may be sitting in the dark and missing out on the electricity you need following a disaster or electrical outage. Home generator maintenance tips from Malek…

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    March 2, 2021

  • How To Prepare For Severe Weather

    Severe storms are on the rise, and the result is often widespread power outages. The time to prepare is before severe weather hits. Backup power is one way to be ready for storms, but there are many steps you can take to protect yourself and your family when the weather…

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    January 26, 2021

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