How to Maintain Your Standby Generator

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    Do you rely on a standby generator to back up the electricity to your home during power outages? Just like the engine in your car, your home generator requires regular maintenance and attention to ensure it works when you need it.

    Even though your home or business may rarely use its generator, you don’t want to discover it’s broken when you do need it! That’s why it’s essential to have your generator inspected regularly and perform preventative maintenance on it.

    To make sure each component of your generator is fully functional and ready for the next power outage, you need to schedule major maintenance with a certified technician at least twice per year – and schedule preventative visits between uses. 

    Establish a Preventative Maintenance Plan

    Manufacturers usually recommend using an authorized service dealer for regular maintenance. Trained technicians ensure the generator is serviced on schedule, know how to maintain it correctly – and there’s no oil disposal for you to worry about. Manufacturers may void your warranty if an authorized service dealer doesn’t maintain the generator regularly. Read your owner’s manual and warranty statement for specific recommendations. 

    We’ve outlined a few things you can do monthly to maintain your generator:

    Monthly Maintenance

    Once a month, or when your generator has run for 24 hours, do a visual inspection that includes:

    • Check oil level – top it off if it’s low. This should only be done when the unit is not running. If you need to check the oil, but your unit has been actively running – wait at least 10 minutes after shutting it down to check the oil level.
    • Fuel lines – make sure they’re in good shape and not leaking or loose
    • Check coolant level on liquid machines – top off if it’s low
    • Battery – make sure battery cables aren’t loose, and it’s free of corrosion
    • Air filter – replace if it’s dirty 
    • Water issues – make sure sprinklers, gutters, and downspouts aren’t spraying or draining onto the generator
    • Enclosure – check for dirt, debris, nests, or corrosion

    It’s common for fuel lines to vibrate and, although unusual, the vibration can loosen the fitting. So, check for loose fittings and oil or fuel leaks. Call your authorized service dealer immediately if you suspect propane or natural gas is leaking from your generator fuel line. 

    Semi-Annual Maintenance

    While there are some minor maintenance tasks you can perform yourself to increase the life expectancy of your generator, some of the more complicated and dangerous maintenance jobs need to be handled by the trained and experienced technicians at Malek Service Company. 

    We stock all the tools and parts needed to maintain your generator and provide around-the-clock emergency services. We offer maintenance plans for residential, commercial, and industrial generators purchased through or someone else – and we provide both warranty work and non-warrantied servicing to any kind of generator. 

    Our generator maintenance service includes:

    • Changing the oil and oil filter
    • Changing the air and fuel filters
    • Fuel testing
    • Replacing the spark plugs
    • Flushing the cooling system as needed
    • Inspecting the battery, cables, and other wirings throughout your unit
    • And much more!


    Based on average use and with regular, proper maintenance, your standby generator should provide 20 to 30 years of service.

    While these maintenance tips will help ensure the longevity of your generator, this should not be considered a complete maintenance checklist. If you’re looking for a generator sales, repair, or maintenance company in the Bryan/College Station or Central Texas area – contact us today. Our trained and experienced electricians are here to help you when you need it most. We believe your home should never be without power – not even for a little while!

    May 27, 2021

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